e’ve made it to the south. After a day, we are appropriately burned, sweaty and full of seafood. I can’t say I’d had much exposure to keralan or southern Indian food before, and this post will just be a quickie to tell you not to make the same mistake as me. Stuffed with fresh coconut broth seafood curries, I only hope that Goa will compare. Here’s why…

1. Coconut, everywhere. This meant that our food was finally a bit less dense, way healthier, much more tropical and reminded me of my family’s cooking. Coconuts are also diced up on the side of the road for a drink and snack.

2. Seafood, everywhere. Having avoided meat throughout this trip, it was a welcome change to have seafood rather than cheese be the bulk of a meal. Fish was pulled fresh from Chinese fishing nets each morning and stored on ice for lunch. You’d pick the one you want and the restaurant would cook or fry it up. It did unfortunately come whole with bones but, what can you do.

3. Paratha. A flakey delicious southern naan bread. Lighter than its northern buddy… And wonderful. Try it. Immediately.

4. All served ocean front with a cold kingfisher (beer is finally easily accessible).

The south is off to an excellent start so far. I’m again amazed at another new state’s vastly different personality. Sadly we were only in Kerela for a day and a half due to a very delayed flight so, I’ve flagged that for a revisit as well. Now it’s Goa time and then, Mumbai and were off.