Ethiopian Air

Ethiopian airlines has provided me with more stories on my 3 (of 5) flights with them than all other airlines combined. While I craft up a blog post about mine and Bryce’s time in Ethiopia, here are some highlights of my flights with them…

1. A 2 hour delay due to seat scams. As we boarded in Pearson, the majority of passengers sat in someone else’s seat. Reasons were varied for doing this… One didn’t like the look of his chair and preferred the open middle seat next to me. Another didn’t want to sit beside any men. A third wanted to drink and as such, couldn’t sit beside any religious people (he ultimately became my neighbour after road testing 3 other seats). A fourth wanted to sit with his entire family. Flight attendants attempted to figure out who was in whose seat, since many people boarded to find another in their chair. This process of locating original seat holders was then repeated 3 times with each meal that was served, since most had requested specific meals.

2. A heated debate over old and new Ethiopia. My (semi drunken) neighbour took it upon himself to discuss with the row behind me how little the younger generations appreciated Ethiopia, and how much they idolized America and Vegas. He spent hours turned around talking into my ear (but not to me) about the changes he has seen through his time in the US, Ethiopia and Canada. While perhaps poorly timed and too loud, a fascinating conversation.

3. A midnight shoe borrower. Midway through my flight to Delhi, my 50 year old Nigerian neighbour woke me up asking where my other flip flop was. He had one on, but needed the other to get to the bathroom. He hoped I could locate it for him (since putting his slip on shoes back on seemed silly).

4. The Sound of Music as a movie choice. Enough said given that I recently attended the sing along sound of music in Toronto. The magazine also said that they will show That Thing You Do in a few weeks. I’m not sure who submitted my favourite movies to the airline, but thanks. You’re wonderful.

It’s hard to believe 2 weeks in Ethiopia with Bryce are over and I’m onto India already with Carolyn. More on our trips through the mountains, busses and kitchens soon!