I am a Canadian freelance travel writer, photographer (and enthusiastic researcher) devoted to encouraging individuals to explore Africa, and all countries passed along the way. Following an initial short-term volunteer experience in Uganda, I have spent nearly 10 years working, traveling and exploring the world – writing and taking pictures wherever I go.

... That said, I wear a great many hats, and if you're looking for information on me as a facilitator, check out the Co+Host Collective website. If you need me for web design, you should check out my online portfolio.

Back to my writing-related story. Since beginning my freelance career, I have contributed to numerous blogs, magazines, newspapers, and companies that seek to encourage tourism in Africa… and I am only just beginning. Samples of my published travel writing and travel photography can be found under the respective headings, with my blog covering my personal travel experiences around Africa.

As a writer, I offer the following services:

  • Travel writing, specialty in African travel and tourism
  • In depth research on all topics, ensuring familiarity and accuracy in every piece
  • Content writing
  • Blog writing
  • Ghost writing
  • SEO friendly web content

For any piece contracted, clients can expect completely original and accurate work written with detail and familiarity. I can accompany nearly any topic with high quality original photographs. I work quickly and efficiently, and will do so until you are absolutely thrilled with the contracted piece.

Furthermore, I have a wide range of first hand travel experiences, beginning with my backpack and ending at luxury resorts and lodges. I have spent years working around Africa, building a charity in a Liberian Refugee Camp in Ghana as well as volunteering in several other countries. I have worked for a social venture that sought to enhance educational development in Central and South America, a position that carried me on unique travel routes throughout the region. I have walked, hitchhiked, bussed, trained and flown across the better part of Africa, India, Europe and the Americas - and look forward to many more adventures. I have been privileged to meet spectacular individuals who have shaped my worldview – and I strive to share all our stories more broadly.

Otherwise, I am an intrepid traveler, passionate about street food from all street corners. I am waiting to feel truly out-spiced by an Indian curry and firmly believe there is never enough fresh seafood in my diet or sunshine on my skin. I believe the things that are ‘touristy’ are that way because they are sensational;  but I also endeavor to get off the beaten trail, where the possibility still exists. And, there is nothing I love more than a camping adventure in the bush accompanied by a meal cooked over charcoal (... with a touch of red wine and a pressed coffee). And cheese.